Thursday, March 18, 2010

Your Country, Your Call

I'm back! Did yiz miss me?

Have you visited the webpage mentioned above? Some cracking ideas on it, and some complete bummers but it's great to see people thinking. I love a good old think, me. Anyway I'm voting for all the wind and wave farms ones - It's so obvious I think everyone should suggest something on it.

The one thing Ireland has plenty of is weather. Turn the whole of the west coast into a marching army of windmills, harness the power of the tides, the odd solar panel for the rare sunny day, and I bet we could find some way of using the rain too. Between the mountains and the Atlantic there are many many natural wind tunnels. We could have a natural source of energy that could deliver electricity to not only Ireland, but a lot of North Western Europe.

See? God does provide.

And we could provide jobs for engineers, architects, mechanics and administrators.

And we'd be rich!And our kids could all stay at home and mind us in our dotage!

See? Simple!

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