Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another bit of an aul' rant...........

I’m fed up. I’m fed up with providing solutions to people who –for whatever reason- refuse to even consider same solutions. Of people who will always think the negative ALWAYS outweighs every positive in anything one tries to do. Of people who will not change the status quo or even attempt to move on, at an imperceptible two tiny steps at a time; those who declare ‘it will not work’ before thinking about it. I’m fed up of people who are Doom-Sayers, Nay-Sayers and who quite simply would rather have the bloody grievance than consider doing something about it. I’m fed up of people who refuse to think for themselves – not out of any intellectual incapacity but out of fear or sheer bloody laziness. The mind is a muscle, use it or…

So. After considering what might possibly go wrong, DO NOT use said possibility as a reason why not to do something. Weigh it up against the positive, think it out; follow the thought. We’d all still be grunting at each other if Homo Sapiens had decided not to bother inventing society or the wheel or electricity or pasteurization or hammers, nails, clothing, language, etcetera etcetera - just in case something might go wrong. So will all the grievance bearers who won’t think around daily problems please head for the nearest cave and sit there moaning to the other grievance bearers until death us all do part.

Now for ye.

Phew – I feel so much better, all the tension in my shoulders is gone – pounded into my keyboard. Isn’t this blogging a great yoke altogether!

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