Saturday, April 23, 2011

A PMT poem...sort's a lament really


Bloody Hell!
Why do
Assume that
Am obligated,
By my missing ‘Y’
To care for Life’s minutiae.
God Almighty!
What unnatural law dictates,
That irritating tasks require
on those very dates
That I’m
Least capable.
Why only
Cadbury’s Wholenut
And Tayto Cheese and Onion
mixed, yes
- mixed-
will provide the comfort
that I need.
That Stupid Man!
He hears but doesn't listen
his head is full of sport
And silly things
like pints and politics
No room for me.
'Just P.M.T.'
An acrynomic diminution
For a hurricane of hormones
Velocity immeasurable
Batten down the hatches
It’s gonna be a bumpy night

Cheers, Evelyn

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