Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Bloody Referendum............

I wrote this before the second Lisbon Referendum. It's still valid!

A Pint over Lisbon

Confucius and Solomon, pals for years, meet every Friday evening for a pint in their local hostelry and discuss the problems of the world.
One cold Friday evening in January 2009 they sat on their usual stools delighted that the pub had regained its pre holiday season peace. In companionable silence they pulled on their pints and watched the six o’clock news. There was a piece on the proposed second referendum on whether we should or shouldn’t sign up to the Lisbon Treaty.
“Remember,” said Solomon, “the last time out? I tried to read it. Now I got past the preamble but I got a little lost somewhere in Title Three. I think it was around about subsection D.”
Confucius nodded and contemplated his drink. The Magi walked in and settled themselves at the bar. Nods and grunts all round.
“How’re the men?” greeted Solomon, “We’re just discussing Lisbon. Again.”
Balthazar groaned and called “Three stout, Tommy”
“Lord, I lost the will to live after Title Four section 2, subsection (ii)” says Melchior.
“I think they’re getting their own back on us for sending that turkey to the Eurovision,” Gaspar looked up the bar at Confucius finishing his pint. “Well, boss – what would you do about the whole thing?”
“It’s simple really,” sighed Confucius. “Read it with the blind man’s eye, listen to the debates with the deaf man’s ear. Then make up your own mind. It won't make any difference. Solomon, your round I think.”

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