Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another beautiful day in rural Ireland........

Another glorious day in Newbliss. I knew the weather forecast was good and that Jemser and son#2 were coming up for a visit to celebrate his ‘not making my confirmation’ day. So I got up a 6am and the view of the mist over the estate was breathtaking. Then a cuppa tae and some fruit and down to work. Got the treatment for the animated feature I’m collaborating on completed to my relative satisfaction and tidied it up and sent it off.

Down to the kitchen around 9am and a lovely healthy breakfast before a quick stroll around the grounds. Back to the laptop and I did a few hours work on Daisy Killer my new novel. I rambled the few kilometres into Newbliss where I met my lovely men and a deliriously excited Molly – she almost licked the face off me. We bought the makings of a picnic and drove back to the house. The place bowled the lads over as I knew it would and I introduced them to those we met. We sat in the sun in the grounds and had our picnic; then strolled down to the lake. There was no debate as to swimming – no way was son#2 getting in – he decided there were definitely fish in it and quite possibly some sort of Loch Annamakerrig Nessie. Mind you he threw poor Molly in – and she had a grand little swim for herself. Then we walked back through the wood and the gents took their leave of me. Son#2 was really delighted to see me and where I was staying – he only has four more days now to wait until I’m home.

I set him a series of tasks to do for me, he’s a great P.A. – he’s booked Ryanair flights for myself himself and his cousin Oscar for a few days in the sun in Spain in late June. As soon as I get my website up and running he’s going to maintain it for me, reply to mails, post books etcetera. Handy having a twelve year old genius in the house!

When they left I came back to my room to work – but honestly it was too nice a day to be indoors – so I took some of my research books and a notebook and worked for an hour or two in the sun – actually I fell asleep for the last half hour of that! So refreshed after my nap I came back to the house and did some really good work – although that opinion might be reviewed when I re-read it in a month’s time. Time for dinner then – which was of course divine. Lavinia thinks she hasn’t done her job properly unless we leave the house weighing half a stone more than we did when we landed. And all in the company of lovely warm quirky people. Now for some strong keep me awake coffee and I intend doing another few hours work.

It’s all going really well – but then this place is magical. If you ever, ever get the chance to visit grab it with both hands.

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