Monday, August 27, 2012

The last chick..........

A nice short post for a change. I'm wrecked. Son #2 starts secondary school tomorrow. He can't wait, I'll post a picture of him in his big boys uniform, he is embracing the whole nerve wracking experience wholeheartedly. I'm sad for me, a little nervous for him but delighted to have seen him blossom socially this summer. He is a really nice young man. A boy people like to spend time with. One of the neighbours commented 'you could go for a pint with that fella and learn something!' His classmates in school used to say 'Liam - tell us something we don't know!' And he would - for example a pea is neither a fruit nor a vegetable it is a legume (don't ask). He is a font of such random knowledge mostly garnished from QI or Top Gear - his favourite shows.

After Dr Who of course. He is a Dr Who fanatic and claims what we all think is a drama series is actually what he knows as a documentary. So I am officially redundant. I'll only be grunted at from now on and will be reduced to the meal making laundry washing female in his life. Scratch the meal making - Jemser does that now. I'd actually give them all a crash course on the washing machine but I know son#1 would put the machine on for one pair of jeans and that just wrecks my head as well as the environment and my pocket.

Now what am I going to do with the rest of my life? Answers via comment below please..............  

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