Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Pet Day.......and a Competition!.

Yesterday was a glorious day in Ireland. A glorious week for the most part. And boy did we make the most of it, The children were back at school but as soon as they arrived home they changed into shorts and tee shirts and headed out to play We on the East coast have been basking in temperatures in the twenties and the weather has been settled and mild.

Brother#2 reectly took a ten month lease on a house on a beach in Wesford so I drove down with Oscie and Liam and Mollie to have a lok. The spin from Dublin to Wexgfor is lovely particiularly when you go through Wicklow. It was lovely to see all the bales of hay lying uncovered in the fields to help them dry out after a somewhat sodden summer. Speaking of which - my haiku on wrapped bales in Donegal fields is below.

Crow pecked, white x’d bale:
Gleaming plastic buddhas in
rosary-beaded field.

We  arrived at lunchtime and as soon as the lads had togged themselves up they went straight down to the beautiful unspoiled little beach with dog and ball in tow. After a swim in the Irish Sea (which was suprisingly warm) a vigourous game of football was played. Mollie went into a frenzy trying to keep up, I sat up outside the house with Dad chatting and enjoying the sun. After about an hour I walked down steps to the beach conscious that Liam had no sun cream on him. He is so fair-skinned even a half an hour leaves him sun burned. As it happens they were heading back to the house ad because Molly had been in swimming and running around like a whirling dervish on the beach she was completely shattered. She actually couldn't stand! We had to lift her and carry her back to the house.There is loads of space and light in the house and it not only sits on the beach , it is adjacent to a golf course so is slice of heaven for those who enjoy swimming, walking and golfing.

After we ate we went back to the beach to walk its length. Molly was rested by then and was happy to join us. We ran into four other Bicho Freise. What do you call a collection of Bichons? A Bubble of Bichons?a Yip? Prize for the most original title! But the prize is only a copy of my novel 'The Heron's Flood.' Still, there might be an ul' aunt you'd like to give a good read to for Chrimbo (see I mentioned the C word ...and the sky didn't fall in) Dusk was gathering so we started to walk back to the house. the moon came up, it was in a spectacular last quarter and it hung low in the sky like a gigantic slice of lemon.

A pet day. 

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