Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Universal Church

I know everyone has written about it and I have nothing different to say but I have to say it anyway. I am sickened to the depths of my being as report after report comes out; uncovering the horror that was (and still is) the Catholic Church in Ireland. Catholic = universal= all-embracing. Run by a narrow-minded group of misogynistic bigots. My poor mother, my poor grandmother. They were not (I hope) abused by any of the pedophiles hiding under the skirts of Mother Church. But these women and their husbands and their generations gave their lives to this institution.They didn't use contraception because of this institution, stayed in bad marriages because of this institution, tried to teach their children this institutions rules while the institution raped their children. How many lives must this institution destroy before it comes tumbling down itself.
Poor Christ.
How did his message, a message of love and peace and brotherhood, a ggod message , a simple way to live life, get distorted into the gray steel knife of depravity that cut through the lives of so many Irish children. And why is it almost exclusively in Ireland, with some emigrants to America that the Church covered up these vile doings.

Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.

But they did know.

They knew, they were educated men, the only educated men in the country, the ones with money, the ones with influence. And our parents, our grandparents, all knelt in supplication before these men and accepted THEIR benediction, their forgiveness.The Roman Catholic Church can never atone for this . Never. I am too angry. I can write no more.


  1. spot on! the assets of the church should be seized, the proceeds should go towards childcare and theraputic abuse centres for victims. people should be allowed restore their faith in a god if that's what they choose which probably isn't very easy with the stain left behind by the criminals of humanity. perhaps lough derg could be trasnformed into a penal colony for the perpetraitors and colluders from the church along with some bankers and politicians. we could change the name to lough hell. however knowing our current level of brainwashedness we would turn it into a reality tv show. god forbid, or does he/she?

  2. God's a man -no woman could have let it go on that long