Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Communication...or lack of same...

Some recent frustrations and difficulties in my life have all been down to miscommunication.

Corresponding by the dreaded texts or even by e-mail, on Twitter or Facebook can and do lead to misunderstanding, which can domino on to further misunderstandings. I sincerely believe all electronic communication should (and I include the phone/fax etc) only be used for transmitting information.

It certainly should never, ever replace face to face interaction with another human being. We haven’t learned yet how to parse sentences carefully enough with written text as our primary form of communication and it is incredibly easy to hit the ‘post’ or ‘send’ button in a flash of temper.

Of course, the all important body language and facial expressions are missing in electronic methods of ‘talking’. One person will inevitably (witness most discussion boards) accuse another of being a fascist, a bully or other less pleasant names.

Until we evolve enough – perhaps alá Avatar! - to communicate without words and ‘see’ each other then I sincerely think we should stop try to tell each other anything of importance without face to face human interaction.

And that is my new decade resolution… excludes fiction of course, I have to be able to exaggerate somewhere!

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