Sunday, January 3, 2010

Work and Dogs and Work and Kids and Work and.....

Back to the paid job in the a.m., I enjoyed the break but really it is too long, especially when it is so cold and icy outside you cannot get out for a brisk head-clearing walk. I always feel intensively sluggish after Christmas and find it hard to motivate myself to do anything bar lie on the couch and read, in between washing floors filthy from new dog and kids in mucky shoes chasing after her, and cooking dinners on a tiny primus stove since my hob blew up and taking younger child to various Christmas events.

Jemser asked a 'fella down the pub' to fix our hob ( note the 'our'). Nice man but Jesus, he must have come straight from the pub to my kitchen because he put two enormous cracks in same hob as he was replacing it in counter-top having 'fixed' it. I've told said Jemser I'm not cooking any more meals on the @@@**&&^^$%£@ primus and he will have to be hunter-gatherer to the chipper until said hob is fixed. Properly.

In the winter of 2001 there was a six week period when we went without heat. I had refused point blank to be to one to 'organise' a plumber on the basis that everytime Jemser said 'we must do or we need a, b or c' it was me who had to arrange a,b or c. He had a different sceal every evening about 'the fella' who was always unavailable or away or not returning calls or falling into enormous black holes in the Universe. I caved in one night after I had to bathe the baby in front of the fire and the older child tipped baby, baby bath and water upside down, soaking carpet, almost putting out fire and causing a huge hiss of steam and ashes to blow into room, and making both baby and I cry. I 'organised' a different 'fella' the following a.m. and we had heat within three days.

It nearly killed our marriage that wasn't, (I still cannot use the 'r' word when talking about Jemser). But this time....well, I'm older... not particularly wiser and a hob isn't as vital as I'll give him three months. Maybe he'll be sick of take-outs by then. Or maybe he will see the economic sense of getting a proper 'fella' in to do anything in this house that Jack built.

You may have noticed a slightly vitriolic tone to this post. I wonder why?

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