Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year that was in it..........

New Year’s Eve

I can’t say I’m glad to see 2009 go.

It was a good year for me and mine. I finished one novel, started another, got commissioned to ghost-write a fantastic memoir, had one short story published and was shortlisted in various comps for three others. My poetry improved....I think, and I read some fantastic books, favourite novel was the latest read ‘Let The Great World Spin’by Colum McCann, favourite non-fiction ‘Ma’s Search For Meaning’ by Viktor Frankyl.

Plus I returned to the paid job in a nice office with a great bunch of fellow employees. I have indeed been blessed. The better half retired early – watch out golf courses North County Dublin, and is settling into contented middle-age (he finally admits he’s middle-aged).The only drawback to his being home more is that he is now starting to question various aspects of household management - things that have held absolutely no interest for him over the last twenty years. However a gentle reminder - a roar of ‘Jemser- for Chrissake, you are no longer in work!’ - soon eliminated his tendency to behave like someone who has control of staff.

I made some lovely new friends through my writing, both online and in the flesh. My children continue to be happy and healthy – despite teenage neuroses and pre-pubescent anxieties. I saw some fantastic plays and lots of new little arty venues taking off in the city, joined yet another writing group and I think this one might go somewhere! Oh, and I started a blog.

Then I had a peaceful and happy Christmas with lots of loved ones about.

Only real downer this year was the Irish summer – why am I still surprised at its consistent failure to please? Someone once said Ireland doesn’t have a climate, it has weather. That‘s true.

Finally it has taken me forty-eight years to find me erogenous zones… so I’m not going back to sucking wine gums…………

(Joke! Joke! Joke! And not even an original one)

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