Saturday, December 5, 2009


Reading should be an adventure, a personal experience full of serendipitous surprises. It always has been for me. Some days I will be just reading away and a sentence almost jumps off the page and smacks me in the face. And I wonder 'how did the author get inside my head?'Sometimes there will be a truth, a great truth, something so obvious I wonder how no-one in my life ever mentioned it before. They did of course but I hadn't dipped into that particular honeypot, or wasn't tuned in to that particular wavelength. I have already blogged about Viktor Frankyl and his wonderful book, my new bible, 'Man's Search for Meaning'. I've bought twelve copies of the book at this stage and am giving it to everyone who crosses my path and appears to need it. Slightly odd perhaps (what Evelyn? you? odd?!) but there are weird and wonderful forces out there around this book. Jemser says its all coincidence and I'm reading meaning into random shit. Perhaps.
Today I called into my sister Aisling - who tells me I'm an intellectual ( I'm not -in fact I had to check the dictionary before I wrote it down). Ais reckons anyone who can understand algebra with or without the aid of milk bottles (don't ask- it's a story worthy of an entire blog)is an intellectual-I'm not. However I have realised lately that for some reason I do dwell on the meaning of life rather more than is healthy for one, but I think it's better than wondering who is going to win X Factor or 'I'm a twit...get me out of here' or any of the other 'reality' shows cranked out by TV companies intent on keeping the masses in ignorance. If Karl Marx were about he would change his saying to 'TV is the opium of the people'.

I've digressed, mea culpa.
Back to serendipity.

As I left Aisling's house and headed for the M1 I passed a group of young people collecting at traffic lights for funds to help tackle youth suicide. I had no cash in the car but I handed the young woman the book. I hope she reads it, I hope it helps her or someone close to her, for I said it before and I'll say it again, it is a life changing book. And if in handing that book to a pretty girl at a traffic light I have helped comfort her or helped dry her or someone else's tears it will be another blessing on Viktor Frankyl and his work.

If I drew you in Kris Kindle (don't you just hate that fella!) you know what you're getting for Christmas.


  1. Is that what I'm geting in the post? Cos I was thinking of buying it myself (see how influential your recommendations are!) so maybe I'll hold off just in case..

  2. Yes my dear, it is winging its way to you, along with the Christmas jumper which will go really well with your shorts on Christmas Day! Dying for Kilcar, hope its as lovely and Christmassy as last year.