Friday, December 4, 2009

Swords is Buzzin'

Walking into work this morning I met one of my neighbour’s kids. She’s a lovely young one, bright and bubbly, loves to chat and is a great little worker. I’m happy to say that since she left school four years ago she has never been unemployed for longer than a week or two, nor has her brother, two years behind her. And both of them have been employed in local shops/industry.

I am aware that the numbers on the unemployment registers are growing and that work in any part of the property industry, from building down to decoration is at a complete standstill but Swords and it’s immediate hinterlands, barring the closure of SR Technics ( a disgrace), seems to have been reasonably well insulated against the downturn. The Pavilions shopping Centre is jam packed every weekend and phase III with Marks and Spencer as its flagship store is going ahead. The cinema has a constant stream of people in and out, the pubs, restaurants and shops are all busy.

Maybe we should set up the independent republic of Swords. Bags I be Minister of Culture. Oooooh! Wouldn’t it be great, I’d produce on a performance of Midsummer Night's Dream in the atrium of Fingal County Hall, fairy lights strung along the high tension wires to make the place more magical, all those stairs and all that glass, it'd be deadly. Jemser could play Bottom, I'm too old for Titania so I'll direct.

I’d have a quartet - Cello, 2 violins and piano giving recitals in the recently refurbished chapel in Swords Castle. In warmer weather I’d set up a stage in Swords Town Park and have a battle of the bands for all the local head-bangers and would–be rock stars, we’d organise poetry slams and diddle-y-aye nights in all the pubs. Storytelling sessions for kids in Fingallian’s Hall, in the summer a weekend street festival – invite some of the wonderful street performers over. Have a Hip-Hop Sunday once every two months up around the Pavilions somewhere. Art exhibitions, local crafts, puc fada, tug of war. We’d fill all the hotels in the surrounding areas and bring millions into our straitened economy.
What else? C’mon lads, a prize for the most outlandish (but possible) suggestion – and it has to be cultured, ‘cause us North County people are fierce cultured. The prize will be….. a J.C. Savage 2010 calendar.

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