Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ikea!! aka Heaven or Hell

Mad busy day today, day off from the paying job so did all my lovely non paying jobs (and not a jot of housework!).

Fighting Words in the a.m. - 5th class boys St Kevin's in Fingals West. Lads , be afraid , be very afraid...there are a generation of intelligent enthusiastic hardworking cheeky loveable lads coming up...they will rule the world...if we keep them focused ad get them a passion for something , anything non - chemical we will all be looked after nicely in our ninties. They rock! Check out their story on ( I think all writers should just throw in the pens now - we will be out-written by all these kids in a few years)

Into Temple Bar to meet my lovely new pal Rebecca then - we jawed for an hour or two, gave out shite about men and solved the problems of the world.

I was meant to go to the IWC to hear the divine Hugo Hamilton read, but I was wrecked and I needed another book case so I hit Ikea on the way home. I think I'm in love, I admit it was a mistake to go when I was tired - and I'm glad I drive a Corsa, I spent €122 more than I meant to - and I'm a bleedin' public servant - (beans for dinner 'til Christmas boys) but lads, it's such lovely stuff and so bloody reasonably priced and yes, yes I know all the globalisation rants but...but....I was fed up of being ripped off for crap furniture in overpriced kips of shops so give me globalisation any day of the week ...and yes...I do know I'm a POORLY PAID Permanent Pensionable public servant but we did stay in our gray jobs on the days all you private sector punters were being paid loads of lolly and mental bonuses and freebies for not particularly doing any better a job than us ...Be the private service any better than the public? Are there not just as many wasters in all areas of work and others (like us) who work really hard, give of their best and are poorly recognised? Yes,...knew you'd agree..!

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