Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Hills of Donegal

A couple of people have asked me to explain the nice scenery on my blog - it's not nice scenery guys it is gobsmackingly beautiful panoramic views and it is of course shots taken on Sliabh Liag near Carrick and Teelin South West Donegal. This is my spiritual home, I have told my children that when I die they are to have me cremated as cheaply as possible ( a can of paraffin and a couple of burning newspapers should do the trick.) Then they are to put my ashes in a cardboard box, climb Sliabh Liag and toss my ashes off the One Man's Pass.

I'm a wimp when it comes to heights and a slob when it comes to mountain climbing and have never made it up past the first plateau of Bun Ghlas. Jemser and the lads have been up and so have the stepdaughters and their attendant males. So I'm really at a disadvantage when it comes to describing the beauty of this place. We did go out in a boat with Paddy Cunningham from Teelin a few years ago to ahve a look at it from the ocean and the seacliffs which are the highest in Europe are even more spectacular from the sea.

A wonderful local woman Kitty Sheain (who describes her face as being -'of corduruoy') and is still known in her ninety second year to go down to the Rusty Mackerel for a whiskey and a song. agrees with me about the spirituality of the place. In fact when she was first wed and climbed the mountain with her man, some seventy years ago, she was so besotted with it that she wanted to plant a rose bush at Bun Glas. Her husband, gone to his rest for the last number of years, Francie Cunningham, laughed uproariously - for there was no sense to a rose bush in a place that is battered by all the elements and where the principal resindents are goats and sheep who are partial to an auld rose.

I still think we could do it Kitty, we must hatch a plan!

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