Friday, December 11, 2009

Usual Stuff

What did I do today? I swear my life has been so busy the last six weeks I sometimes feel I'm going to fall off the edge of the earth (there is an edge - even on a ball there's an edge).

So. Today I went into the paying me a salary job and saved my emplouyer 28k by trusting a new company to provide us with a service an old company has been ripping us off for for over two years. I hope my trust will not be misplaced - I don't think it will. Basically I have saved my employer - you if you're a taxpayer- my annual salary- so I'm on a roll this week.

Then I came home to non-paying job - the real one - life, kids, home, husband, did the shopping, the swimmimg and music runs dropped the beloved other to the airport for his weekend away in London ( then I came home to Jemser) joke, joke -'twas Jemser I dropped to the airport. Cooked dins, cleaned up , put together the Billy bookcase - Jeez it's feckin' big and blue - imagine lads, I have a beautiful big blue billy bookcase, that's worthy of a poem. Framed all the sibling's Christmas poems, collapsed on the sofa for the six o'clock snooze at seven and am now scribbling - might open a bottle of red in a while and watch the remastered Strumpet City - just to remind me of where we all came from.
Ah life - isn't it great to be able to live it.

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