Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fighting Words

Did a stint in 'Fighting Words' this a.m. Lads, it's better than Prozac; I swear the Mental Health Services in this country should bottle the energy, imagination, enthusiasm and sheer joie de vivre that is produced morning after morning in that small space in Russell Square. Wonderful.
Today it was the children of First Class in Scoil Mobhi in Glasnevin and boy were they lively. Their story exploded onto the screen - all about a D.J Penguin , his hairy best friend and the forty million things that happened to them. You can read the first part of the kid's story on
What I loved most about today's group was that they became highly indignant at the treatment the 'editor' Mrs. McConkey meted out to us poor plebs, so they made all sorts of horrible things happen to her in their story. I told one little one that Mrs McConkey would fire us all and I'd have no money to buy Christmas Dinner.
'You can come to my house,' she said kindly' I'll just have to ask my Mam, we always have too many crackers anyway' The little dote!
Anyone with a half day to spare (mornings primary schools; afternoons is secondary) should sign up as a volunteer, you definitely get back more than you put in with this particular project. I try to do two mornings a month, my 'fighting words' fix and it keeps me sane for the rest of the month,( well, almost!)

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