Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow in Heaven

Just home from a wildly beautiful, scarily icy and unbelievably white Donegal. It was more majestic than normal. I have yet to convince the cynical -
(ie those with no souls)
- males in my family, but I swear from the crossroads at the Killybegs/Carrick/Kilcar road the visible crests of Sliabh Liag looked like someone, (someone ENORMOUS) sleeping.
Eventually one male person grudgingly admitted - well I can maybe see a thigh -
the youngest male (anxious not to be seen to be a fool) chirped up that perhaps he he could see a nose and chin (I must qualify that he saw Santa's Sleigh above Venus on Dec 24th)
Someone else ( I think he has a female soul) could see the curve - that sleeping curve of body as thighs are drawn in lazily delicious abandon towards upper body; there isn't really any similar line in 'nature' and certainly not in architecture or even art to equal that line in the eye of the loving beholder.

But a snowy view of Sliabh Liag from that particular spot comes close, very very close.

Anyway spent a great while in a tiny cottage on Kilcar Main street - check it out, well worth a visit, very central for buses etc. Saw all the other half's 'fambly' including my darling Teresa - who continues to leave us, reluctantly -


there is is still the odd guffaw of enjoyment and teasing. Mostly though she is sad, as each one of her twelve and their addendums/appendices comes in she starts to weep, for she knows that they must go again, and each going is for her, as her memory abandons her more and more perhaps her last remembering.

Life sucks...
And then there is Alzheimers, I cannot imagine what cruelty created this.

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