Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We're Off To See The Wizard

We decided last night to go to Sydney in 2010 for our holiday. It will be the holiday of a lifetime because I can't see us ever having enough cash saved or time together to do it again. The fifteen year old is chomping at the bit but a chance to see his beloved half sister, who is out in Sydney working in a lab as a molecular parasitologist and trying to find a cure for malaria ( I'm arranging a sainthood for her), is just too much for him and he has condescended to join us. Wouldn't it be great if the other step-daughter could go at the same time...hmmm... all of us in Sydney at the same time, we'd have to do a Christmas dinner in July to celebrate that fact.

It's funny, at times when your kids are young and absolutely doing your head in, on a miserably wet summer's Sunday, and you think you are going to end up doing time because you have thought-murdered them; you never ever, see this day coming - where some have successfully flown the nest and others are intent on jumping out of it before they can fly and stumble back in a slightly bruised daze,(yes, I know it's called a hangover) and the last one is trying desperately hard to climb back inside you, but wants what he sees all his siblings have at the same time. So I'm starting a campaign. Let all of Jemser's kids and their significant others, himself and meself be together in Sydney for Christmas in whatever month we land there, 'cause that's what Christmas is folks - family ( that's a bit too Peggy Mitchell isn't it?)


  1. Can't believe ye are coming - that is just brilliant!
    Afraid I'm not working on malaria anymore - not even working as a molecular parasitologist! Nowadays I'm trying to prevent transplanted organs being rejected. Have a lost my chance at sainthood?
    ps: Christmas in July is actually something people do here (since that's the middle of winter) so we wouldn't be out of place at all with our Christmas dinner!

  2. Ets! Transplanted organs - rejection, ah double halo at least. Oh great! Now I have a whole new series of topics for stories, I think a torrid affair between a plumber and a Transplanted Organs Rejection Preventer (you're a TORP) would have huge potential - don't tell Dang!