Monday, December 21, 2009

Favourite Christmas Presents - Given and Received

I remember a cut-out paper doll with tabbed outfits that you cut out and stuck to cardboard (ala the back of the 'Bunty')

I remember a 'Crolly Doll' - I loved her 'cause she had the same hairstyle as my Mam

I remember a second-hand blue bike my first non-Santa year

I remember buying a packet of sewing needles in a little packet shaped like a basket of flowers for my Mother, I paid for it out of Grandma's pocket money so I was only about 6 or 7. Once a month she gave us 6d to spend and we had to save 3d of it. I was so proud of myself, I told everyone about the great present I had bought Mam - OUT OF MY OWN MONEY'.

I remember a beautiful reading lamp that I used for twenty five years, it was hauled around from flat to flat, to home, to rented houses and finally to first owned place.

I remember 'Collected Novels Of Thomas Hardy' from a dear, dear friend - I had got her exactly the same thing! I have it still , thirty years later.

I remember the first and only time my current husband ever surprised me - with a leather jacket - I didn't think he had it in him!

I remember my first son's reaction at 3 and a half on seeing the tractor and trailer he'd asked Santa for, there were a few little bits and bobs wrapped and laid in the trailer. On being asked was he going to open them he said,
'They're not for me Mammy, I only wanted a tractor!' When he was persuaded to open the gifts, one of them was a plastic fiddle.
'Granny, If I play will you dance?'
'I will, a stor' Teresa danced and lilted while Seamai airfiddled all around the kitchen in Drimreagh - I bawled!

Most of all it's faces I remember.
Faces of siblings, faces of loved ones, faces of my children.
Smiling, eyes lighting up with surprise and delight, hearts over flowing.
So happy it hurts.


  1. Hello Ev - what a lovely post! I especially love the recollection of Granny dancing to the plastic fiddle.

    Favourite Christmas presents - definitely my Sindy doll's house when I was seven. It was taller than me, and became the subject of many an imagined story. But even better is my mum's recollection of trying to assemble it with my dad on Christmas Eve - helped along with a glass of wine and laughter. Since he is no longer around, it is now a memory I treasure.

  2. Beautiful post Ev, thank you for sharing the memories. Have a lovely Christmas hope to catch up in the New Year!
    Kar xx

  3. Jayne, you lucky thing! I always wanted a dolls house and never fot one, if I ever get rid of all the hulking males in my house and have any spare cash I swear I will buy one. I remember assembling something similar, pink and glittery for Barbie for my niece one Christmas Eve..all the little plastic 'click-in' tabs kept snapping! I think we just stuck fancy Christmas Sellotape on it in the end!
    Happy Christmas...and to you Karen, see you in New Year, isn't that a strange case in Listowel Karen? It will really divide the town.