Saturday, December 12, 2009


I loved McEwan's Saturday-with some reservations-as I always seem to have with his work. I think it's because I'm not English and I do think his work is quintessentially English. But mostly I just love his prose - the man knows how to use words and for that craftmanship I admire him.

But lads, the Saturday he wrote about was a normal middle-class day in comparison to mine. Things is weird boys, and gettin' weirder, but we'll keep on the road and see what happens. It's all good weird, karma weird, serendipity weird.

The normalest thing that happened me today was that I sat and watched tv with a Belfast man whose kids were gone to the O2 for some gig. Don't ask - it was truly normal.

The weirdest thing I can't post just yet, but I will. Oh yes I will.

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