Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two Sleeps To Christmas.....

This is the poem I liked best of those I wrote for 'de fambly'. It's about my sister Judy - and a lot more of course, there are only eleven months between us, I'm the older Irish twin. Picture it centred on the page (how do I do this on a blog???) and on marbled paper in a well mounted frame - I think it really worked. If I get lazy over the hols I'll post the others (instead of my normal dynamic intelligent posts!).They are very personal memories and may not work for the outsider looking in - all the recipients liked them anyway and we all shed a tear for the little innocents we once were

Childhood Memories#2
Winter 1965
You were the most beautiful creature -
Flawless skin,
huge trusting eyes
watching from
the bolster on the double bed,
Its creaky iron frame
bathed in the light of
the glowing Sacred Heart
that pinked
candy striped brushed cotton sheets,
a maroon eiderdown
topped by a heavy Gardá great coat;
whose buttons left an imprint on your face
Insignia of peace on chubby cheek.
You whispered -
‘Let’s play the drawing-on-the back game,
Me first.’
I loosened your pyjama top
and sketched a scene,
plump childish fingers intent on detail
hoping you wouldn’t guess it right
and I could crow
‘Now me’, I whispered.
But you were sleeping.
I spooned in behind you
And lying still inhaled
Pears soap and Cusson’s talc
And you.
Now, if I close my eyes and deeply breathe
I can almost feel that moment
That safety in our kingdom
Our hot water bottle warmed
double bed

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