Monday, February 8, 2010

New Theatre, Old Theatre

Folks, if you can - beg borrow or steal a ticket to Lane Production's 'Haunted' by Edna O'Brien in the Gaiety for one week only - then it moves to Belfast's Opera House . Superb cast including the divine Brenda Blethyn who I have long, long, long admired and tonight got to hug and tell her she is the bee's knees, cat's whiskers etc of the acting confraternity. I came away on a high from the theatretonight and delighted, for in recent years I have begun to despair at new plays or poor productions of old ones . This one had it all - fabulous set - great use of CGI, superb acting by the trio of the cast a wonderful script and great direction. Clap clap clap to all involved. I think this is a play that will long be remembered - a classic it will be called and I feel extraordinarily privileged to have been at the opening night of it in Dublin. Take a bow all concerned.

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