Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

In today's vernacular.. OMG,OMG,OMG… I can now officially call myself a ‘writer’. A publishing company have agreed to publish the memoir I’m ghost writing. Not my own fiction or poetry (yet!) but a a sad, strong, funny and wonderful story about the life to date of an astonishing woman. In the course of the research I have had to do for this book and the people I have had to talk to I have learned many weird and wonderful things, seen worlds I never even knew existed, seen a thousand possibilities. I have laughed with this woman, cried with her – almost bloody strangled her when we both threw wobblies on the same day – then kissed and made up – always the nicest part of any row.

Please God and whoever the patron saint of writers is that I can do her story justice. I have never worked so hard at anything nor enjoyed anything as much.

I can’t believe it – here I am, 48 – thought I only had the menopause and death to look forward to and I have started a whole new life/career for myself. I have met wonderful people, creative geniuses, funny, funny people, inspiring people. I know times are tough and I know about all the horrible wars and starvation and natural disasters all over the planet. But I’m still here – you’re still here. The world is full of possibilities – if only we could declutter our lives, and take time to think – really, really think and then, my dears it is simply a matter of….Carpe Diem .


  1. Oh how wonderful - well done you! I am already interested in the memoir from your description of the lady you are writing about, and am thrilled for you. Call yourself a writer with pride, m'dear, and definitely carpe diem to us all. :)