Friday, October 8, 2010

Feckin' flirtin' makes the world go round.......

I watched ‘Nationwide’ on RTE one night last week and d’ye know, I might yet be converted to de telly. It was a feckin’ brilliant programme and there was this aul’ fella on it from someplace in Tipperary. He was 95.
He was talking about being him and dancing and they showed him being him and dancing. And he was feckin’ deadly. Because he had my own philosophy on Life.

Well, when I’m not depressed anyway.

That philosophy is ‘flirtin’ makes the world go round’. Jemser is fierce wise and he knew it before me and so did me Ma – you’d want to seen the pair of them flirtin’ – feckin’ scary.

Feck love, feck sex , feck money - once you can eye someone and say ‘Oh Hello!!’ then you’re living and having the craic. And I learned that at me Ma’s knee. She was a mad one for flirtin’ – with everyone – men, women or not to sure. Mam flirted with everyone which made her a great salesperson of course. She worked in the bridal department of Hickey’s Fabrics in Henry Street in Dublin city– and every girl/woman that bought a communion/wedding off my Mam will remember her because she minded every customer as if the customer was her own daughter. Liz Walsh. A name to remember all your life and smile I betcha there are thousand of women in Dublin who remember my Mam.

Mam just liked people and d’ye know, for the most part, so do I.

Like Anne Frank I have fierce hope for humankind because out there are people like me and Anne and my Mam and you, people who believe we can make a difference – ‘every day in every way’ etcetera etcetera.’

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again – we’re moving into a golden age in this country and I’ll be dead and feckin’ miss it so yiz better not make a mess of it or I’ll come back and bash yiz over the head with a feather duster.

Carpe Diem.

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