Monday, October 11, 2010

A Pet Day..........

Someone told me to stop using ellipses in my blog titles. They're irritating apparently. After I looked up the word ellipses ( this person not being the type of person one admits not knowing a word to)and discovering that they are my little..... I thought 'No way, I likes me ellipses'. One should be brave enough to finish the thought I'm told, not mislead one's reader. I like being misled as a reader, thinking you're going to get one thing and then enjoying getting something else.

Which leads me to my own little (or rather big) ellipses. My offspring, who are never quite what I imagined they would be, they're always better than that. As I write Sons #1 and #2 are in the back garden. Son #2 is attempting to catch Mr. Tuppence and Rita, our two dwarf rabbits. Son#1 is sitting on the edge of the trampoline, playing his guitar and singing. Something he wrote himself - a pal came up with a riff that they both liked and they've built that into a real fine melody. Then Son #1 wrote lyrics to it. I'm rather pleased. Poetry has always been beyond my reach as a writer, I do attempt it from time to time, but it is really very poor stuff - mainly because I fear I have no music in my soul.

But Son #1 seems to have something. A spark. Now all I can do is give him space and hope he develops that spark into a passion that he will carry with him all the days of his life.

It's a pet day in Dublin. A warm mid October Indian summer like day. As the sun starts to decline in the sky I can feel that hint of real autumn, smell winter on the breeze. But for today my garden is full of flowers and music and rabbit catching and I feel... yes. Thank God I'm alive.

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