Thursday, January 13, 2011

Every day's a school-day...........

D'ye know somethin'? This world never ceases to amaze me. You think you've seen it all and then someone tickles you from a distance and causes you to marvel at Man's ingenuity in manipulating his environment to speed things up, help life along, make it easier and more efficient.

I'm speaking of the ability of a young man in our office block who was able to access my computer remotely today and check something out.

'Ah Evelyn! ' I hear you exclaim - 'sure that's old hat at this stage.' Ok, Ok, - but he (once I granted him access) moved my little cursor and he not within an asses roar of my screen!. In fact he gave out to me for moving my mouse as he manipulated the pointer - I thought something had gone wrong! I swear to God I alternated between shock and then delight to witness him maneuvering his way around my PC as he checked whatever technical thing he had to check. And I chatted away to him on the phone as he did so. Actually I think he thought I was a bit mad because I would burst out 'Will y'look at that! How is he doing that! That's mad!' every so often. I actually looked over my shoulder and up at the wall behind me to make sure there wasn't some little camera trained on me ala Candid Camera. What'll they think of next!

Is there any problem now that cannot be solved with technology? I'm fifty and not particularly technically minded and all I want a machine to do is deliver me what I need when I need it. I don't want frills, apps, add-ons, plug-ins etcetera etcetera. I'm convinced everyone under the age of thirty has been born knowing how to mind read and they are pre-empting all our requests by being a step ahead of us all the time.

Now all the world has to do is to sort out climate change, world hunger, organised religion and of course what happens to the black left-foot sock when it disappears in the wash cycle. Lovely Jubbley.


  1. The remote control computer thing is odd to watch, isn't it? But the Mystery of the Black Sock is baffling. I have a little family of odd socks waiting for their partners, and unless my cats have turned into Sock-nappers, I have no idea where they are!