Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is Harry Potter the new Jesus?

I'll probably be struck off some database somewhere in the Universe that records such blasphemous suggestions. Indeed - did our much debated blasphemy laws ever come into effect? I don't really mind if I'm excommunicated - I wasn't on chatty terms with the Papa anyway. However for the sensitive please note this is written tongue in cheek - mad musings of a menopausal mama as 'twere.

On with my wondering. It seems to me that J.K. Rowling took the Bible and the Lord of the Rings and rewrote them setting them in Hogwarts, Earth and Azkabahn as Heaven Earth and Hell. Fair play. She did a great job and anything that increases reading is in my opinion a damn fine thing. I only read the first three novels from beginning to end, I dropped the fourth one half way through and broke my toe. The books just became too bloody big. 'The Prisoner of Axkabahn' was my favourite as its darkness took the whole story line to a different level.

A discussion broke out in my sitting room this evening about said Mr Potter and I threw in my 'she re-wrote the bible' comment.
'What do y'mean?' asked one 15 year old.
'Well, it's the fight between good and evil isn't it? It's what every writer is writing about - telling stories of the good guys and the bad guys and the hopeless people and the people who need to to helped. The Bible had miracles, the Harry Potter books have magic.'I answered sagely - its great being nearly fifty, you can finally get away with sounding wise - insane, but wise.
'Yeah but the Potter books are interesting. The Bible's boring.'They high-fived each other and smirked with delight at their incredible insight.
'Ah. But you're wrong,' sez I 'the Bible and Shakespeare contain all the plotlines and all the character analysis one ever needs, they are a blueprint for life. Its just that the language is archaic and the Bible in particular will have lost some of its original menaing in various translations. Basically all books are, or should be, morality tales. With the decline of organized religion in the Western world it is up to writers and other creative people to help the rest of us make sense of our lives, to enjoy it where possible for its own sake - not live for some mystical world beyond it.'

I think I lost them once I started about the decline or organised religion - it was fun while Harry Potter was about, but after that... yawn.

I do wonder if there was some big bang or big whimper even and the world as we know it vanished would, in 2000 years time, there be some sort of life form wondering if Harry Potter really existed? Children making their first Holy Sorting Hat and going on to make their first game of Quidditch as a symbol of their passing into the adult world.

Yeah. I know. That's one step too far for me and all!

Next blog will be a study on the imponderable topic of Facebook-v-Twitter. If Facebook is the new garden wall, pub counter et al what in the name of all that's holy is Twitter?

Haven't I an awfully peculiar brain.

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