Monday, May 16, 2011

On birthdays

Well, I'm officially 50. I suppose I'll have to grow up now, stop dreaming and navel-gazing.

Only joking. I'm still twelve inside, full of possibilities and love of the world. We had a great night last Saturday for my party. The hall I booked was a tad too large (to say the least) but I had invited the world and his wife and being me I had to err on the side of caution in case they all turned up. The drink was the cheapest in the North County but it was still too dear for the teenagers who nearly got us all thrown out because they were skulking outside and drinking cheap as chips lager and vodka. Drink is way too cheap and accessible. A litre of vodka at twenty euro means that at some stage we are going to have teens dying of alcohol poisoning.

Anyway, we sorted it out ( what good party didn't have a row over gargle?). The band were feckin' briilliant and they put their hearts and souls into it and (once it became clear Jedward weren't going to win the Eurovision) they had everyone up bopping, teens and friends and neighbours all together. Son#1 is a great frontman, comfortable with mikes and stage etc. The poor aul' divils had to learn off loads of songs from the Eighties for me and they did it. These are the fellas that wouldn't open a school book to save their lives but can apply themselves with such diligence in music. They're a great bunch of kids and there is hope for this country if they are in anyway indicative of the next generation. Intelligent, confident beautiful people, all in touch with their respective creativities and concious of work/life balance. I hope they will all continue to knock on my door as they grow into adults.

I felt sorry for son #2, he's only eleven and was like a lost soul, not sure enough of himself to sit with the teenagers and bored stiff with the drunken adults. ~I was one of the first to leave my own party!He just had to get back to his bed and the comfort of his own surroundings. Anyway the neighbours all landed back as did the teenagers and I was last to go to bed at 7am Sunday morning. At one stage I looked at my Jemser and there he was sitting on me coffee table guitar on his knee bellowing out every song he knew to the delight of the eight females who were around him!! He's some man for one man.

My beloved friend Brid Conlan from Ennistymon in Co Clare travelled up for my party and at one stage I felt as if I were in my early twenties again, dancing the floor with her and talking and drinking and laughing and drinking and talking and talkin an d talking. It was Brid's dad who coined the phrase 'it's the talk that's killin' the people'. A wise man Mr Conlan for was he not paraphrasing Will Shakespeare's 'there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so'. Brid has the most marvellous store of funny stories, craic and songs - ~I love the very bones of that woman. But not enough to get me out of the leaba the next morning. Sure it didn't bother Biddy. Herself and the teens cracked open the champagne and had another bit of a singsong, old soldiers never die and old partygoers just keep on livin!

So that's more or less it. Oh! Except for the hilarious conversation I had with a sneezing fifteen year old girl and one of her boy friends. To the best of my recollection I told her - very seriously - that an orgasm was just like a good sneeze except hopefully longer! I think we all wet ourselves laughing!

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