Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And we're off............

I'm blogging this at 3pm because I intend to be somewhat inebriated this evening. My book launch (book available here The Heron's Flood ) kicks off in three hours. All the books and wine and soft drinks have been delivered to the venue. I had a few calls from people unable to attend but I haven't let it phase me too much. I'll be there, my lovely boys will be there as will the Jemser. My colleagues from the Council will be there as will my neighbours. some friends are even driving over from the southside. Imagine! They have their passports so they'll be okay.

I have the hair and make-up done. I look quite nice. I even got the nails done and can't text anyone now! The guna is hanging on the outside of the wardrobe winking balefully at me. Still not 100% about it. Hope I pull it off. If I don't you can see evidence of my faux-pas on my Facebook page tomorrow, when I eventually surface.

I'm quite relaxed now - everything is done and if anything goes wrong it won't be my fault - it will be something outside of my control. Son#1 and pal are going to sing the song they wrote after I read from the novel - they are the real stars of the night. Seventeen, handsome talented and intelligent, they have it made. I have it made having them do this for me. Even the dog has picked up on my mood and is cuddled in against me here sleeping peacefully.Son #2 is going for a sleepover in his cousin's house so I don't have to worry about him (thanks Ais!) So now I'm just going to chill, practice reading SLOWLY and enjoy one of the biggest days of my life.


  1. You sound calm and relaxed.

    Myself and Eileen were only mailing earlier saying what an achievement this is! And it is, so Massive Congrats Dear Ev!

    Meself and himself are getting ready to travel to the northside, just can't seem to find the frigging passports! ;-)

    See you in 2 hours!! Can't wait
    x x x

  2. Evelyn,

    Congrats on the book and the very impressive online profile. I happened on your book because, would you believe it, I, a Dublin County Council colleague (Nov. 1978) had my book launch in the Gutter Bookshop two days before your great event. Who would have thunk back in the crazy days of the Shakespeare and Conways that the genius would out. Hope the writing goes from strength to strength.

    All the best,

    Mick (Michael for publishing purposes) Keyes