Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The guna's got..........

So I have to have the book launch now. I thought it was a fairly nice guna – not a bit like my normal very (VERY) casual style. Cheap – of course. A bit flapperish. Maybe a tad slapperish. A bit shiny. A bit short. No cleavage and a little see through shrug. Black patent (pretend) leather boots to finish it off. I quite liked the ensemble. I was rather proud of myself for daring to wear it despite my bulk. I asked my fashion advisor - son #2 ‘wotcha reckon?’ His face fell. So did mine.
‘It’s a bit…’
‘A bit  what?’ sez I
‘Well…I don’t want to be mean’
‘Go on. Tell me.’
‘Them shiny yokes,’
‘Yeah. Discs.’
‘What about them’
‘I mean if you were like …eighteen and skinny and stuff it MIGHT be ok.’
‘So it’s too young for me? Or I’m too old for it?’

I’m deffo wearing it now! Or me tracksuit. Just to spite the little fecker. Although I’ll probably get cold feet about me flapperish slapperish guna.
Anyway it doesn’t matter what I wear because my beautiful sisters and sister in law and nieces and step nieces will all be there. And they are a bunch of seriously good looking well dressed wimmin. Maybe if I do a shimmy and shake me discs I might get noticed. And then I’ll run a mile!

And if you can’t make it to the book launch  (Weds Nov 9th 6pm County Hall Swords) there’s a reading in the Gutter bookshop in Temple Bar on Weds 16th Nov at 6.30pm. Or you can buy it here 

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