Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Irish weather and magic of the Hawthorn

Ireland is weather. It doesn't do climate, you may well (particularly in what passes for spring and summer) have glorious sunshine (very far away sun tho') then rain/wind and possibly sleet or snow for a brief spell before the whole damn unpredictability starts again.

I decided years ago to stop giving out about the weather. I have absolutely no control over it - nor does anyone I love/hate/vote for/work with/live with/etc/etc. But, I'm Irish - it's a national conversation - God knows why, imagine the conundrums of the world we could solve if we didn't have to spend so much time considering, discussing and dissing the weather. I have a feeling we might well be invincible. Because if the Irish weather hadn't us all in a perpetual state of depression then nothing ever will. It is unreliable, capricious, fickle and every other word you never came across for downright irritating. Perhaps the reason we/they are renowned world wide as being capricious, fickle, unreliable  etc...but adored all the same. Bring Paddy to the party - nothing gets him down.

Oh Lord! An Irish sunny day in any season is something to gladden the heart, quicken the pulse; and make one quite glad to simply be breathing.

The reason for this glasnost of hyperbole in relation to our climate/weather today  is the fact I think that in Dublin today that autumnal/winter chill is finally leaching away from the air (thank god for my heating bills!) It is about six weeks later than it ought - but still, there is definitely a hint of Summer in the air this Sunday.

I'm propped up in the leaba in my north facing bedroom writing this. The sky outside is grey (light grey but still threatening). The hawthorn in next-door's garden is in full glorious boom - magnificent. My early clematis is winding its way through the hedge and the weigelia - which is just about to burst into bloom. I can see many roofs from my position but I can also see trees and hills in the distance - on said hills I see a field of rape, it gleams like a far away Eden every time the sun pops weakly through cloud to highlight it.

Yes, summer is in the offing. And y'know - I think it'll be a good one. It'll be one I'll embrace anyway - no matter if it only lasts one day. Join me in celebrating it.

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