Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flirtin' in the sunshine.........

The sun is shining in Dublin since yesterday and it has caused major chaos. You see the sun makes us Irish happy because it is a rare visitor and when it deigns to shine on this godforsaken bog we all go slightly baloobas. We start smiling at each other, and of course smiling at each other ramps up the game and we start flirting with each other and absolutely no work gets. We should all be given the day off when the sun shines in Ireland. Will we have a referendum on it? I betcha it would be passed with a resounding YES!!

 Yiz know my theory on flirtin' don't you? No? Well, I reckon flirtin' makes the world go round, keeps humanity sane and above all hopeful. Without hope all is hopeless, (amn't I fierce profound!). I learned to flirt at my mother's knee. Mam was the best flirt I ever met and she couldn't resist it and nobody could resist her. And d'y'know what - it works. When we flirt with someone it cheers us up, a little pep in our step. Well, it does me anyway. I give the poor barista in Starbucks in the Pavilions a terrible time. He is a deadly flirt and he makes me laugh every time I go in. He should be bottled and distributed to all instead of Prozac. Thank you Mr Barista (the Italian (I think) fella) for making my days!

I told him my flirtin' makes the world go round theory - not sex, not power, not money.
 'Are you sure it's not the other thing?' he asked.
'Positive.' sez I firmly, 'All them other things cause trouble. A bit of flirtin' never hurt anyone.'
'Y'know. You are right' sez he.

'Course I'm right. Mammy is always right.

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