Monday, June 4, 2012

He's almost there......

Last summer I blogged about son#1 and his seventeeth summer. About how it would be the summer he will remember for the rest of his life. A summer of being care free and loving it, of girls and football, of music and friends. Realistically his last childhood summer.

This summer will be his first adult summer. He left school last week and is facing into his Leaving Cert, starting the day after tomorrow. He cannot wait be done with it – to get to college, to work and earn his own money; to spread his wings and soar. When Seamai (son#1) was seven years old he wrote a lovely little essay called 'If I were a Butterfly…' in which he wrote about flying as high and as far as he could, about not staying in one dull place all the time, flying to Brazil was mentioned. It was about shining.  I remember him bringing the essay home, thrilled because his beloved teacher told him it was wonderful. It still is wonderful. I'm proud of him, so proud. Jemser and I instilled that into him. Self-belief, confidence, that desire to soar, to shine, to own the world. Or perhaps even way back then he just wanted to get away from us!! No matter. Whatever his motive when he wrote his excellent little esssay I hope he achieves his wish and fulfils his enormous potential.

I recognised the adult in Seamai some years back and that fine adult has now emerged fully formed - he still has blips (Christ, don't we all!). I wish that, at eighteen, I had been half as mature as he is now. I can safely let him off. Once we (parents and child) get through these particular exams our relationship is totally different. We are three adults. And I like the other adults in that relationship. I love them. I always will.

I'll be decked for blogging about him. I don't care. I'll tell the world about him - I've been telling the world about him since I told them all at tea break when I was five minutes pregnant. My son, my son. 

Shine, Seamai -shine.


  1. Evelyn, what a beautiful post and tribute to your son! Keep telling the world about him. Its an amazing journey we get to share with them every day, isnt it? It's like grabbing life every day in wonder as they grow...and knowing we had something to do with that. My son is 9, and so big, creative, and deep-thinking...I wonder what he will be like as a young man. I hope like yours!

  2. Aw Donna thanks - this guy is great as is son#2 (and stepdaughters #1 and #2!!) what I love about them all is their total connection with their particular creativity and its level of importance in their lives. I think we are on our way to a new 'renaissance' golden age - and I'll be bleedin' dead and miss it! Still - I'll have helped shape it.........