Thursday, June 21, 2012

Diary of Liam (12 'n a 1/3) and Oscar (12 'n a 1/4) from Campo Sol in Torrevieja, Spain blog #2

You may notice a small change in the style of writing as this blog is actually being WRITTEN BY LIAM AND OSCAR. So there will probably be a lot less ''Jeez'' and possibly a few more immature jokes. The blog hasn't been updated since Monday so here's a quick recap.
Pool, pool, pool, walk to the shops a.k.a murder, SUNBURN ON LIAM'S SHOULDERS AHH IT HURTS! Evelyn's just told us that she wont stand for misspelling, o plz, weee wudent du dat ma nd anti-kinz.   

We moved into the apartment we're using for the rest of the holiday yesterday and it's much better because its got floaty noodle things for the pool which is very deep. Apparently most of you (aka those over the age of 8) will stop reading this if I don't mention some sad books so here's a list. Gravedigger's Daughter, Charlotte Grey, Birdsong, and The Little Matchgirl by Hans Christen Andersen.
 I don't know what to talk about now......zzzzz oh yeah!

... other than that massive dinosaur we saw in the park and how he played Texas Hold 'Em with us. And also the brown bear that we wrestled to death. That was cool. I'm sure Evelyn will blog for us later. Don't believe her though, IT'S ALL LIES. LIES I TELL YOU!  

 We love you Evelyn you're ever so kind and we love how you tell the truth all the time xmwah mwah mwah!

Shewhomustbeobeyed says we are merely manipulative. Dunno - we aren't particularly good with our hands


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