Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm not c*rs**' ennymore - it's lazy

How am I goin' to express myself without 'bad' language? Despite my articulating vociferously that no language is bad.... it's just what we regard as bad is someone unable to find the word they're reaching for - I'd love to know what the Shakespearian equivalent of 'f**k Harry Potter land it's 'he who shall not be named'.

Anyway. I had a great day. Actually I had a great week. And I'm .. ..extremely tired ( as opposed to bl**d**' bol***e*). What am I to do? Apparently both my beloved ellipses and 'bad' language are banned. I suppose I could just shut up.

Ah no. ( a suggested ellipse break.. ....) today was the Flora Women's Mini Marathon. Over 40k wimmin running, jogging, walking and mostly TALKING around Dublin to raise cash for all the worthy causes out there.

JM&HSJ ye could see the oestrogen in the air - it was actually very scary. I often wonder what would happen if people - you, me and all we know decided to sit back and not do anything to support the cause that effects our particular family. Would our aged, dying, sick - our children, our local communities/passions send out their men to battle with our elected leaders?? The men would gladly go but would anything be changed? War does change things, mostly when the men are so depleted that as a race we have to say 'STOP'

So - today ( a nephew claimed there were forty thousand Sunday Dinners not cooked in Ireland today) - Sisters Are Doing It For Us All. And congrats to all. Our little group, a baker's dozen, raised over two thousand Euro for the Donegal branch of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. That's a lot of hours for some beleaguered family. An hour for a carer to go for a much needed walk.Two hours for a family to gather relaxed for a meal. Three hours for the primary carer to snatch much needed sleep. It cannot be emphasised how vital each and every one of these hours are.

Thank you all our sponsors. We may have walked and talked - but you put your hands in much depleted, well taxed and extremely hard earned wallets/purses/pockets. WE LOVE YA!!! xxx

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