Saturday, June 4, 2011

The last piece

Well, our trip to Listowel ended last night and we have to head back to the heady world of work, school and (in Jemser's case) ironing and cooking. It was a fantastic few days and my babies are already making plans to return. The weather helped of course, but the reason we all enjoyed it was because we were all happy. We all had our own things to be at and at them we were! The last day of the workshop got a little heated from time to time today, I felt profoundly sorry for the only man in the room, a nice gentle young man- although he lives with three females so was probably well used to dealing with oestrogen! I learned a lot from both Marina Carr and the other participants in the workshop.

Had a chat with Billy Keane and for the craic I'm putting Debs Reynolds (hedge witch supreme) and her beloved Sam Stone (fence sitter) in contact with Billy. Debs and Sam run a NFP organisations called SoulSearchers in which they investigate reported hauntings in various pubs around Ireland. Sam uses technology to try and explain away Debs' assertions of hauntings in any building. Another excuse to travel to Listowel. As we had sworn off family holidays it was great that Listowel offered something for each one of us - and it's all so bijoux that it worked a treat.

My three males all busked, son#2 tinkling out 'The Entertainer' on the somewhat randomly abandoned piano in the Square. He was chuffed with himself and it's lovely to see someone who is not a natural performer taking their courage in their hands and just letting it all flow. Well done #2! We love ya. For me that little moment was the icing on the cake, it reminded me of the sigh of satisfaction son#1 would give as he sat, as a very small child, and held in his hand the final piece of a jigsaw. 'Now Mammy', he'd say 'the very las' piece.' And I'd clap as he popped it in. Thank you my lovely Listowel. See y'all again very soon.

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