Friday, June 3, 2011

Queen of Stories in the Kingdom........

Another wonderful day in the Kingdom.

The workshop with Marina Carr ( whose paternal family it transpires hails from the same small village in Co. Donegal as Jemser) continues to impress. The talent around the room is scary. My brain is always stretched in Listowel. Sometimes the ideas spinning about are so elusive, like bubbles - you can be afraid to catch them for fear they'd burst.

The older lads are having a complete blast. they wrote a song. And Mick Hanly said it needs no fine tuning. They thought they had died and gone to Heaven. They made cash busking. They were invited to support another performer tomorrow night. They have girls eying them up. They definitely think they've died etc.

The Queen of Stories attended a storytelling session in Listowel library given by the lovely Roisin Meaney from Limerick. The children were superb. Bright and beautiful and full of life. They liked the Queen and she liked them. Roisin may well invite the Queen along another day.

The younger lads paid two trips to Ballybunion beach, X-boxed, squabbled and made-up and stuffed themselves with rubbish. Another successful day. Jemser drank pints, sang and rambled. He may never go home.

So off out now to the Saddle Bar in Listowel to hear my boy child sing his own song. It really gets no better than this

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