Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Diary of Liam(11⅓) and Oscar(11¼) in Pwehelli, Wales – blog 2

Firstly Oscar would like to point out that he is Eleven and One Sixth but we can't find one sixth on the symbol inserts and our editor is crap. Secondly we are definitely not doing this every night. It’s too like homework so this is a doubler and we are getting a homework pass for one night.

Sunday was another lovely day – although Evelyn said the rain on the caravan roof woke her during the night and reminded her of childhood holidays in Carne in Co. Wexford. She said it felt good – made her feel safe. That’s weird – but it’s ok because we still love her (Evelyn - butt out of our blog).

Anyway Oscar was especially glad about the weather because it meant we could do the pedaloes. Oscar has a bit of an obsession with pedaloes. His type of obsessing is different to Liam’s obsessing – Liam worries loudly and keeps time checking and talking about the things he obsesses about. Oscie just gets this dreamy face on him and says ‘I so-o-o-oo love ..’obsession’..or ‘Imagine in only a few hours I’ll be doing …’obsession..’’obsession’..is so cool…’’…you get the picture?

So Evelyn kept him waiting for HOURS because she says denial is good for building character. Like…who wants to be a character? She claims that giving in immediately to eleven year olds’ obsessions means they move along straight away to the next one/thing and obsess about that. I mean, c’mon, they’re PEDALOES!! While we were waiting we hired this double buggy kart thing. It was great fun and we were wrecked after it. It’s hard work because only one of us pedalled while the other one steered. Liam nearly got us killed going down a hill MAD FAST – but we didn’t die and we fell about laughing because it was such a buzz.

Evelyn did us a great deal on money – things like buggies and pedaloes and Adventure golf are dear here so our tenners wouldn’t go very far. But we’re not allowed tell you the deal because then Jim would KILL her for being a soft touch and an eejit when she’s not – she’s a nice kind middle-aged woman who just understands what it’s like to be a poor destitute kid (that bit is her again).

We did the pedaloes then – BRILLIANT. Even Evelyn enjoyed it despite grumbling about having to do it ( we needed an adult and she’s the only one we know here!). She said that being pedalled around a boating lake by two young gentlemen was really rather nice. It was alright until she started making kissy noises at this duck and ducklings and the duck seemed to understand her and started to follow the kissy noises and the ducklings followed the duck, so we looked like the Pied Piper of the Hafan y Mor boating lake. We had to pedal like LUNATICS to get Evelyn away from the duck and stop the sheeshin’ flippin’ feckin’ kissing noises.

It was really sunny then and Evelyn wanted to sit in the sun and read the papers. So we went to the pool and we stayed for HOURS. The slides are really brilliant and there aren’t huge queues or anything so you can go up and down real quick. The flumes have big queues so we didn't bother with them We were absolutely wrecked and STARVING after it so we came back to the mobile and showered and flopped about on the couch while Evelyn cooked us pizza. Then we went to the playground - it’s a really good adventure playground not a little kids one and we were meant to go for a walk with Evelyn after that but she fell asleep and we stayed -like REALLY quiet so when she woke up it was Top Gear and Liam won’t move during Top Gear and after that we were all too lazy and Evelyn was still sleepy. We made a mad home movie on Oscar’s iPod and then we had rubbish for supper and that was the end of Day two

On Monday we got buggy carts again and Evelyn went for a big long walk along the coast and came back all going on about wildflowers and dolphins and how really like Wexford (except with hills) this place was. Then we went into Pwehelli to get a chair for her to sit on outside the mobile because her back is knackered and she can't sit on the grass anymore and Liam bought a Top Gead dvd and Oscar bought a Mr Potato Head (we know, we know – but he likes Mr Potato Head and it’s his money so…). It was weird because all the people in the Asda talked Welsh to each other and Evelyn said wasn’t it a pity we Irish didn’t do the same. But why would we want to speak Welsh – we wouldn’t understand each other! (we knew what she meant, we’re not thick – just eleven). Then we came back to Hafan Y Mor and played Adventure golf and were both crap but it was fun and Oscar got a birdie on one hole and Liam a par (there was no back nine Dad – Liam, OO).

We went to the shop and bought horrendously sour sweets called Toxic Waste and came back to the mobile and made another video on the iPod by O&L Productions showing Liam’s face as he ate some of the sweets except we called them Squoxic Waste in case we got sued or something. And Oscar did the commentary really serious like it was a very intelligent scientific research programme. It was really funny. Then Evelyn asked Oscar were the socks he was wearing his favourite and he said ‘no’. So she asked why he was wearing them since Friday and he said his Mam hadn’t packed him any other socks (boo-hoo). Evelyn said he was like a poor orphan with only one pair of very holey socks to his name ( but it doesn’t matter Mam – I have at least seven more toes to break through the material before they’re useless – I still wuv you – Oscie XX). Anyway Evelyn came up with a solution to the sock problem but its too boring to write about.

Evelyn wanted to work more on her Courtown tan so we went to the pool again for ages. Then we had dinner and we all agreed we didn’t think the Welsh mince was as nice as the Irish mince. Liam’s friends from Swords arrived and we went to the arcade with them. When we came back Evelyn said that was it – ABSOLUTELY no more arcades for the rest of the holidays. We don’t really care. There is loads of other stuff to do. And we’re wrecked again now so we’re going to bed. Because we like to get up early to do all the loads of stuff there is to do. Byeeeeeeeeee

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